The originals of North Face

1966, Doug Tompkins in San Francisco’s North Beach area founded a specialized skis and backpacks and small retail mail  –The North Face®, Calif Columbus Avenue store 308 numbers. Grateful Dead also entertain a special trip to stores on  the opening day. “The North Face®” Logo image source is Half Dome, this from the United States, California’s Yosemite National Park  in the mountains, from the name of the coldest mountains, the most difficult climbing North Slope.


1968, Doug Tompkins identified The North Face® mission statement: “Make the best products in the world” and “. Bring the custom back” ( “the world’s production of high-quality outdoor products” and “have repeat”). And this declaration become the future  root causes of power in The North Face®.


“The North Face® ” The name comes from the coldest mountains, the most difficult climb of the North Slope, means to explore the hardest most dangerous outdoor spirit. 1997, The North Face® north with a new tagline – “Never stop exploring” brand has since become the most important spiritual slogans.