Welfare Of North Face

The North Face is committed to numerous mountain climber, skier, endurance athletes, and explorers on the market to provide the most technologically advanced products, together with the athletes professional achievements.
The North Face in China sponsored athletes Xing Ruling, Quchang Feng, Wang Zhi Xun, Zhou Peng, Liu Yang, Wang Zijian, Li Beiji, Sun Bin, Sun Shaoxuan etc.
2014 Cheap North Face Women's Down Jacket Pink
Jimmy King, Chinese-American, born in 1974 in Minnesota.Jimmy passion and effort in traveling, rock climbing, skiing, adventure and photography made in the global adventure has a groundbreaking achievement. He is the world’s best athletes and one almighty adventure photographer, is also a signatory to The North Face athlete. Over the past decade, Jimmy has worked with many of the world’s top explorers, climbers and skiers and record the Karakoram  Tower  which has never been climbed in and ski on top of the world. Jimmy was recently awarded Rowell Award, the award recognizes his outstanding achievements made in adventure photography. National Geographic magazine and was named one of their Emerging Explorer.