Why north face so expensive?

The most important is the brand’s positioning, particularly in China as well as Asia-Pacific region, their positioning is relatively high, most consumers can accept this price, in fact, the United States, these outdoor brand(north face) price is not so high;


Due to functional reasons, especially waterproof, breathables are more expensive than the base fabric, so the cost is relatively high, there is a relatively casual outdoor clothing products work more complicated, some need full garments adhesive processing, so the fees are relatively high;

Relatively ordinary clothing, outdoor clothing will use some relatively new product, the same polyester material, they may use finer yarn, the price is higher; there is also a down jacket, they will use higher-quality feather, 90/10 as down, down clothing bulkiness usually only 300-400 with a feather, but outdoor products will use more than 750, or even 1000 bulkiness down, the cost will be much higher