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    And a dress is usually a variety of colors, so the page tag on the show and the actual purchase of the down North Face Outlet jacket is not uniform.(Down filling): the amount of cashmere is not a measure of down quality indicators, it refers to a down North Face Jackets filled with all the weight of down. General outdoor feather suits the amount of cash according to the different objectives and design. According to the north and south weather, the South filled with less, more than the north.
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    According to the different season down jacket is divided into autumn feather (early autumn, late autumn), winter down North Face Outlet jacket. Autumn feathers generally thin, less filling, winter filling more.(Down content with cashmere): the amount of cashmere is down the proportion of cashmere, generally expressed as a percentage of the form. Outdoor cashmere sweater is generally more than 80%, the surface of the data which is 80% of the cashmere, feather accounted for 20%. The higher the proportion of cashmere, the better the quality of down North Face Jackets.
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    The volume of cubic inch of the North Face Outlet value. Such as an ounce of down space occupied by 600 cubic inches, said the fluffy fluffy of 600. The higher the fluffy fluffy, North Face Jackets indicating that the same down the amount of feathers can be fixed under a larger volume of air to heat and insulation, so the better the warmth of the feather. Bulky degree in the country is not a rigid indicator, and the relative error of measurement is also larger.
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    The quality of the down jacket and the amount of cashmere and cashmere related. Cashmere refers to a down jacket into the weight of the feathers, with grams that, filling less cash, North Face Outlet poor warmth;Cashmere refers to the amount of down cashmere in the percentage, expressed as a percentage, the general amount of cashmere 50 to 90%. With high cashmere, the North Face Jackets quality is good .

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    1, North Face outdoor clothing is easier to identify, although fakes hanging tag TNF, but its quality one can see, there are genuine official section number. In addition to the mall to sell, or ask people from counter purchasing, otherwise there is no price tag on, like playing tag on some $: XX dollars are all false. There is no price tag out of the factory.

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    2, the most important, of course, fabric, with a single part of the main fabric is genuine, but accessories, standard washing, etc. will still flaws. Such as a zipper, the standard washing, folding outlet fleece etc. These small place. North Face jackets mostly use YKKVISLON5VS zipper, now 5VS mainly TNF, columbia, MHW and several other international brands to use, will be attached to the fastener surface special film reflects the unique luster, which depend on when fraud is difficult to achieve.

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    3, TNF North Face, MHW standard washing, after the clothes will finish the remaining incineration destruction. Genuine standard washing is baked, the handwriting is very clear. Generally, a standard washing edge seam real, and use special items to paste the two layers together. Wash standard part of each piece is double, but the thrust is not open. After false washed several times in the middle will be released, the true standard is generally no problem.

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    4, genuine North Face TNF general collar nameplate at will with a special lanyard, only a handful of products are not, in general, there will be. Genuine lanyard strong and powerful, compiled fine, but not very hard, soft but just the feeling, the cost of this process is much higher than ordinary lanyard. Fake part is also a lanyard, but few have the real thing to do at this level, the main problem is the cost. Some people will use a liquid strengthen lanyard hardness, but the overall texture and very different from the real thing.