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    And a dress is usually a variety of colors, so the page tag on the show and the actual purchase of the down North Face Outlet jacket is not uniform.(Down filling): the amount of cashmere is not a measure of down quality indicators, it refers to a down North Face Jackets filled with all the weight of down. General outdoor feather suits the amount of cash according to the different objectives and design. According to the north and south weather, the South filled with less, more than the north.
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    North Face Outlet
    According to the different season down jacket is divided into autumn feather (early autumn, late autumn), winter down North Face Outlet jacket. Autumn feathers generally thin, less filling, winter filling more.(Down content with cashmere): the amount of cashmere is down the proportion of cashmere, generally expressed as a percentage of the form. Outdoor cashmere sweater is generally more than 80%, the surface of the data which is 80% of the cashmere, feather accounted for 20%. The higher the proportion of cashmere, the better the quality of down North Face Jackets.
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    North Face Outlet
    The volume of cubic inch of the North Face Outlet value. Such as an ounce of down space occupied by 600 cubic inches, said the fluffy fluffy of 600. The higher the fluffy fluffy, North Face Jackets indicating that the same down the amount of feathers can be fixed under a larger volume of air to heat and insulation, so the better the warmth of the feather. Bulky degree in the country is not a rigid indicator, and the relative error of measurement is also larger.
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    North Face Outlet
    The quality of the down jacket and the amount of cashmere and cashmere related. Cashmere refers to a down jacket into the weight of the feathers, with grams that, filling less cash, North Face Outlet poor warmth;Cashmere refers to the amount of down cashmere in the percentage, expressed as a percentage, the general amount of cashmere 50 to 90%. With high cashmere, the North Face Jackets quality is good .

  • Why north face so expensive?

    The most important is the brand’s positioning, particularly in China as well as Asia-Pacific region, their positioning is relatively high, most consumers can accept this price, in fact, the United States, these outdoor brand(north face) price is not so high;


    Due to functional reasons, especially waterproof, breathables are more expensive than the base fabric, so the cost is relatively high, there is a relatively casual outdoor clothing products work more complicated, some need full garments adhesive processing, so the fees are relatively high;

    Relatively ordinary clothing, outdoor clothing will use some relatively new product, the same polyester material, they may use finer yarn, the price is higher; there is also a down jacket, they will use higher-quality feather, 90/10 as down, down clothing bulkiness usually only 300-400 with a feather, but outdoor products will use more than 750, or even 1000 bulkiness down, the cost will be much higher

  • Welfare Of North Face

    The North Face is committed to numerous mountain climber, skier, endurance athletes, and explorers on the market to provide the most technologically advanced products, together with the athletes professional achievements.
    The North Face in China sponsored athletes Xing Ruling, Quchang Feng, Wang Zhi Xun, Zhou Peng, Liu Yang, Wang Zijian, Li Beiji, Sun Bin, Sun Shaoxuan etc.
    2014 Cheap North Face Women's Down Jacket Pink
    Jimmy King, Chinese-American, born in 1974 in Minnesota.Jimmy passion and effort in traveling, rock climbing, skiing, adventure and photography made in the global adventure has a groundbreaking achievement. He is the world’s best athletes and one almighty adventure photographer, is also a signatory to The North Face athlete. Over the past decade, Jimmy has worked with many of the world’s top explorers, climbers and skiers and record the Karakoram  Tower  which has never been climbed in and ski on top of the world. Jimmy was recently awarded Rowell Award, the award recognizes his outstanding achievements made in adventure photography. National Geographic magazine and was named one of their Emerging Explorer.

  • The originals of North Face

    1966, Doug Tompkins in San Francisco’s North Beach area founded a specialized skis and backpacks and small retail mail  –The North Face®, Calif Columbus Avenue store 308 numbers. Grateful Dead also entertain a special trip to stores on  the opening day. “The North Face®” Logo image source is Half Dome, this from the United States, California’s Yosemite National Park  in the mountains, from the name of the coldest mountains, the most difficult climbing North Slope.


    1968, Doug Tompkins identified The North Face® mission statement: “Make the best products in the world” and “. Bring the custom back” ( “the world’s production of high-quality outdoor products” and “have repeat”). And this declaration become the future  root causes of power in The North Face®.


    “The North Face® ” The name comes from the coldest mountains, the most difficult climb of the North Slope, means to explore the hardest most dangerous outdoor spirit. 1997, The North Face® north with a new tagline – “Never stop exploring” brand has since become the most important spiritual slogans.

  • The North Face Brand Features

    The North Face was established in 1966, is a US public company VF Corporation’s important part, is headquartered in California, one hundred obtain LEED Gold certification of energy-saving environmental protection industry park, dedicated to every harsh outdoor adventure athletes the provision of professional equipment.


    As today’s global leading brand of outdoor sports, The North Face athlete tested through the north to explore, adapt to the needs of all types of outdoor products and help people explore, challenge the limits of human potential; at the same time, the brand has always been committed to protecting the outdoor environment, through the class sustainable development projects on the natural environment will affect human generated a minimum. The North Face products worldwide quality professional sports retail stores.