Start Up Your Poker Business – Part 1, The Basics for Online Poker


People see high stakes cash games – most notably high stakes poker on GSN – which aggressive players like Tom Dwan (a.k.a. “durrrr”) bet three streets up in the air, and make his opponent fold. To a non-competent viewer, it just seems incredibly easy to win big money by playing poker. All durrr did was bet-bet-bet, and he won a 6-digit pot. Most people are lazy, and want to get rich the easy way. People believe in miracles. And we are all about this.

Think of any business. What is the ultimate goal of any business? To make money. Simple as that. In today’s competitive environment, only the best can survive. The business with the greatest edge. There is one huge difference between the economy and the poker. All the businesses Situs Poker are about making money. If they don’t, sooner or later they shut down. Studies show that over 75% of poker players are recreational players, who are playing poker online for fun. Imagine such a business environment! There is a huge potential here, yet many are getting along with thin winrates and marginal winnings. My goal is to show you how to achieve great results by adapting standard business principles.

In this multi-part step by step guide you will set the technical part of your ideal workspace, and the mentality you will need to achieve your goals. I’ll provide you with a detailed, illustrated guide and all the steps you need. This guide is intended for people with zero to low experience poker.

If you’re feeling confident playing the micro / small stacks, this guide will have you down to low value. You should focus on the mindset, and the business-like approach mostly. I guarantee that the shift in the mindset will increase your results.

If, however, you are either new to poker, or a micro stakes player (the results are so irrelevant in the case you commit, I’ll explain later), I advise you to follow the described system step by step. It will give you a huge competitive advantage over the limit.

This guide is for those, who take it seriously. This is about starting a business. And starting a business is not easy. Splashing money around is easy, but starting your poker business requires effort. It requires both time and money in investment.

An important aspect of starting your poker business is that it requires less investment in terms of money than a company does. You have very low startup costs, low fixed costs, and minimal variable costs. You need to keep a high inventory, but this inventory is completely liquid (it is cash basically) and there are no related costs to it. As you can see, setting up your poker business demands very little financial investment.

Maximizing Your Results for Careful Planning Deciding how much time to spend on your business per week, how to distribute it, learning, playing, and having fun, and sticking to this is the key to a successful time. Setting up the optimal environment as described above is a good foundation for establishing a solid base: essential, but not sufficient on itself. Your quality time and effort are the deciding factors you put in.

Authors often end with their articles “I hope you enjoyed it”. This is about earning easy money playing poker, that would be the case. What I do hope is that I can build up some excitement in you. An excitement, that will make you act on it. This excitement is what will make your poker business flourish. How about

The rest of the series for Stay Tuned.

If you would like a deeper analysis of the concrete numbers and chances, please visit our website and take an active part in the analyzing process.


Your own poker business.

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